Water Deprived

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In area C of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestinian families must brave a military firing zone in order to obtain water for their land and livestock Photographs: Arturas Morozovas/artmor.lt Farhan Ali Awdeh (right) lives in al-Rashayda settlement, south-east of Bethlehem, with his extended family, including his wife, who is pregnant, two sons, his parents and […]

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Monday, November 23, 2015 By Patrick Harrison Marda Permaculture Farm in the West Bank. Photo from mardafarm.com. Ownership of the land of Palestine is hotly contested, so it is little surprise that the Earth itself is often the first casualty of Israel’s occupation. Israel uses a variety of tactics to try and drive Palestinians from […]

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16/11/15 Gaza could be an idyllic place on the Mediterranean, but it is one of the largest open pit prisons in the world. Because of the Israeli blockade, for over eight years 1.8 million people are severely restricted in their ability to exit Gaza and export and import goods. Skin and digestive diseases, especially among […]

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