Join the #LETITFLOW campaign

Join the #LETITFLOW campaign

As the Gaza blockade enters its tenth year in June 2016, Gaza keeps Thirsting for Justice. Join our campaign to demand that the blockade is lifted, and the items needed to recover and develop the wrecked water and sanitation sector stop being held hostage of Israel’s siege and its related policies.

As part of its blockade on Gaza, Israel imposes severe restrictions on the entry into the Strip of what it classifies as “dual-use” materials. Those include 70 percent of the items urgently needed to recover, maintain and develop the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. By obstructing the import of such vital materials, the Israeli government has crippled the Strip’s ability to treat sewage or maintain a functioning water network. As a direct result of this, Gaza’s only source of fresh water, the Coastal Aquifer, is almost totally unfit for human consumption with high level of nitrates and chlorides. We need to take action, and we need to do it now.

 As Palestinians are being denied one of their most basic human rights, Thirsting for Justice – a campaign for Palestinian rights to water and sanitation – needs your support. Through an online call for action we are asking you – citizens, activists, solidarity groups, and organizations – to write to your representatives asking them to stop failing people in Gaza by urging Israel to lift the blockade immediately, and remove WASH materials from the dual-use list. You can help prevent a water disaster in Gaza by signing the letter here.

If you wish to know more about the daily struggle for water in Gaza, watch this video. How possibly different can routine activities that require water be in Gaza and in Europe?

  1. bridget bowles 23/05/2016

    justice repays the just

  2. Elizabeth Morley 23/05/2016

    Water should not be used as a weapon

  3. Nancy Withington 24/05/2016

    Denying potable water to a captive people is a method of GENOCIDE! This is a heinous crime against humanity. No one with a conscience can remain silent. TAKE ACTION to end this

  4. Laurie J Adkins 30/05/2016

    This is a human right that cannot be denied.



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