World Water Day 2016

On March 22nd, on occasion of World Water Day, Thirsting for Justice produced a number of pictures with killer facts, in order to grow international awareness towards the difficult access to water in oPt, both in West Bank and in Gaza

Media Event and Field Visit on the WASH situation in Gaza one year on

On August 24, journalists from different media agencies attended a joint media event on the situation of Gaza’s WASH sector one year since the 2014 ceasefire, organized by the Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene Group (EWASH) and the Coastal Municipalities Water Utilities (CMWU). The event was combined with a field trip to several damaged WASH infrastructure facilities.

MEPs' visit to the Al Hadidiya Community (July 22, 2015)

In July a delegation of MEPs from the Green Party visited the community of Al Hadidiya in the Jordan Valley. The visit - coordinated by EWASH ATF and supported by EWASH member GVC - was aimed at highlightening the impact of the occupation on Palestinians' access to natural resources, including water.

Gaza: 8 years under blockade

GAZA: 8 YEARS UNDER BLOCKADE - In June 2015 the Israeli-imposed blockade on Gaza has ended its 8th year and entered yet another one. To not forget about the devastating impact of the blockade, through our facebook and twitter accounts we have been “sending” a series of postcards from Gaza on how the blockade keeps affecting the water and sanitation sector, and what people remember of the situation in the Gaza Strip before the blockade started 8 years ago. This gallery groups all the postcards of our \"Gaza: 8 years under blockade \" campaign.

British MPs visit Jordan Valley

In January a delegation led by the Council for Arab British Understanding including British MPs Liam Byrne and Gavin Shuker visited Furush Beit Dajan in the Jordan Valley. The visit, coordinated by EWASH member Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee, heard how the Israeli occupation was choking the community\'s access to water.

Near 13,000 citizens urge the European Parliament to take action on water for Gaza

On the occasion of World Water Day 2014, a petition calling for urgent action to address Gaza’s growing water crisis, signed by over 12.784 people worldwide including citizens of all EU member states, was delivered to Hannes Swoboda, the President of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament.

Olives and water

Olives and olive oil production have long played an important role in Palestinian social, cultural and economic life. The olive tree is a familiar feature of the Palestinian landscape, with just over half of all cultivated land available to Palestinians in the oPt devoted to olive production.

Depending on water cisterns in Beit Mirsim

Beit Mirsim is a rural Palestinian village located in the south of the West Bank, 30 km southwest from Hebron.

Ancient Irrigation System in Battir

Battir - a Palestinian village located near Bethlehem is under threat due to the construction of Israel´s Separation Wall


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