What is domestic violence?

Epidemics are always dangerous and damaging. Luckily, in our present world they happen less and less often than they used to. However, there is one social disease which cannot be fought with vaccinations or medicine – domestic violence. There are no certain areas which are more prone to it. Domestic violence touches individuals everywhere and […]

Women, report sexual assault!

Being sexually assaulted is definitely a very painful experience which has a huge impact on a victim’s life. At the same time, it is the attack on so delicate private sphere that not many survivors decide to report the crime to the police. While even 20% of college women had this terrible experience, two-thirds of […]

An Employment Complaint – complaints against employers

If you as an employee feel dissatisfied with your work conditions or your employer’s certain actions or behavior, you have the right to complain. Such complaints against employers usually regard, for example: wage, working hours, discrimination, work conditions, harassment, termination, promotion or some other circumstances in which workers are treated unfair. You can file a […]

Verbal harassment in the workplace

Experiencing verbal abuse in your workplace is a very unpleasant situation. If you have such experience, you may feel cornered because on one hand, you would like to do something with this problem and on the other, you are afraid of losing your job and income. Quitting (and thus, showing that the abuser is the […]

Right to water

Resolution 64/292 from 28 July 2010 accepted by the United Nations General Assembly established that the realization of all the human rights cannot be continued without satisfying the essential human needs which are clean drinking water and sanitation. This Resolution draws the attention of States and international organizations to the problem of lack of these […]