The Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene group (EWASH) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a coalition of 30 leading humanitarian organizations, is launching, through its Advocacy Task Force (ATF), the Thirsting for Justice Campaign to mobilise European citizens to demand that their governments pressure Israel to change its policies and practices in order to comply with international law and respect Palestinians’ human rights.

Campaign Objectives

Israel to respect Palestinians’ rights to water and sanitation:

In particular, that Palestinians in the West Bank be granted access and control to their share of the aquifer so they can satisfy their water needs. Since 1967, Israel has not allowed Palestinians to dig wells in the Western Aquifer, the largest and most productive source of water in the West Bank. The EU must call on Israel to lift restrictions and respect its commitments by allowing Palestinians to have wells there.

Palestinians in Gaza be allowed to rehabilitate their aquifer and develop alternatives, including access to their share of the Mountain aquifer in the West Bank and the Jordan River.

Palestinians to be allowed to develop infrastructure:

Reconstruction and maintenance materials to be allowed into Gaza without delay. It is urgent that Palestinians are allowed to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities to increase capacity and minimize the impact on public health.

Construction in Area C which comprises 60% of the West Bank and is still under full Israeli military control is allowed without delays, and demolitions stop immediately. The permitting system ceases to impede small construction such as connection to the water and sewage networks as well as construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Greater accountability for violations of international law:

The European Union and Member States demand compensation from Israel for delayed or destroyed EU-funded projects. Israel will be requested to compensate communities for projects obstructed and resources appropriated in line with its obligations as the Occupying Power.